2017 – Zia

Simon Cope is a full time bridge professional from Hertfordshire, just outside London. As someone who gets to pursue his hobby as his work, he feels lucky enough already, but to be able to also tie bridge in from time to time with another passion, travelling, is the icing on the cake. Simon has been the NPC for the England Open team at the recent European Championships and Bermuda Bowls. His recent playing successes include winning the Gold Cup 2015 and playing on the Middlesex team that won the Tollemache in 2015. See Simon’s EBU profile.

Peter Crouch is a Chartered Accountant who spends his time juggling work for his clients, helping to look after his two children with his wife Sara and trying to get out to the Golf Course. His bridge successes include six Gold Cup (most recently in 2015), two Spring Fours and two Premier League wins as well as representing England in a number of Camrose matches. He represented England in the European Championships and World Mind Sport Games in 2012. See Peter’s EBU profile.

Jan Jansma is a top Dutch player with many domestic and international successes.

Anita Sinclair has been one of the most successful female bridge players of the last few years, winning a number of domestic competitions – the 2014 Schapiro Spring Foursomes, 2013/14 NICKO, and the teams event at the 2015 Easter Festival in London. She took the gold medal in the Mixed Teams at the 2014 World Bridge Series in China and represented England in the 2015 Lady Milne. She worked as a video game developer (her company, Magnetic Scrolls, was a pioneer of the text adventure games genre) and she now develops film production technology.

Zia Mahmood became famous in international bridge circles almost overnight when he led Pakistan to second place in the 1981 Bermuda Bowl. Recently he has represented the United States in the world competition, and thus won his first major world championship, the 2009 Bermuda Bowl.

Zia has won most of the more prestigious tournaments on both sides of the pond and has been the ACBL Player of the Year 5 times. A regular winner at US Nationals as well as various international events, Zia’s infamous flair for the game draws crowds of kibitzers wherever he goes. He bids a lot. See Zia’s EBU profile.

NPC: Allison Green