2018 – Gillis

Boye Brogeland owns, runs and writes for Norwegian Bridge Magazine. He won the European Championships in 2008, the Bermuda Bowl in 2007, European Mixed Teams in 2005, World Junior Pairs in 1995 and European Junior Teams in 1996. He has five other medals in the European Championships and two more medals in the Bermuda Bowl. He partnered Erik Sælensminde from 1993 to 2007 and has played with Espen Lindqvist since 2008. He was on the winning Spingold team last year and comes to the Lederer fresh from victory in the European Winter Games.

Brogeland recently spearheaded an anti-cheating campaign which has shaken up the bridge world and for which he was named IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) Bridge Personality of the Year in 2015.  See Boye’s Wikipedia page.

Espen Erichsen’s roll of honour includes: 1996 European Junior Championship (Gold); 1997 World Junior Championship (Silver); 2005 European Mixed Teams (Gold); 2009 Nordic Championship (Gold). Espen has represented England in the Camrose three times (he does, after all, live in Tunbridge Wells) and has won the Premier league twice (having won its Norwegian equivalent three times). He has also won the Lederer twice. See Espen’s EBU profile.

Simon Gillis is an Investment Manager, and sits on the finance committee of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. He has a wife, two children, lots of wine and no dog. He has two Gold Cup wins on his bridge CV (2016 and 2010) and has reached the semi-finals on other occasions including 2015. With the same team as this year’s Lederer he won the BAM at the World Championships in Lyon in August 2017. His impressive record also includes winning the Iceland Open twice, the Brighton teams and Deauville.  See Simon’s EBU profile.

Espen Lindqvist has won the Norwegian Premier League, was a quarter finalist in the Bermuda Bowl in 2009. He also has a bronze from the European Junior Championships. Espen is an avid Liverpool supporter. So be kind. Together, Boye and Espen Lindqvist won the 2014 Summer and Autumn Nationals. Not many people have done that back to back. They also won the Gold Medal in the 2008 European Championships together. Recent triumphs include the winning the Spingold in 2017 and the European Winter Games in 2018.  See Espen’s Wikipedia page.