2018 – Israel

Ilan Bareket has won all the major National titles in Israel and several abroad playing with Assaf Lengy. They have been regulars on the Israeli Open Team in recent years. Ilan will never miss a bridge tournament anytime and anywhere. When there is no bridge tournament he spends time at the rubber bridge club.

Other interests include football and poker and he is an expert on Yemenite food, is always equipped with everything for preparing his special coffee – and will always have some sweets for you just in case…. He is married with 2 children and works as an accountant.

Michael Barel has played on the Israel National Open team many times, including the European Championship and the World Bridge Games in 2016. Results include Silver in the European Open Teams in 2009, Bronze in European Championship 2010 and Winner of the Copenhagen Pairs invitational in 2013. Michael has won many National titles with partner Yaniv Zack. In London he will be resuming an old partnership with Migry. Together they had several wins in the NEC cup in Japan.

Michael is also the Coach and NPC of the successful Israeli Women team which qualified for 2017 Venice Cup.

When not playing bridge, Michael has a day job as a software engineer. He also enjoys international sports, history, archaeology and chess. He is 46 and divorced with 2 children.

Migry Campanile is one of the top-ranked players in the world with the rank of World Grand Master. She has won three world championships and has several top finishes in American and European competitions. Other international successes include winning four times the prestigious NEC Cup, (partnering Michael Barel in an all-Israeli team) and top finishes in the Yeh Cup.

Away from bridge, Migry enjoys opera, gourmet cooking (her fabled meatballs enjoy a growing popularity), and jet-setting around the world.

Assaf Lengy has been partnering Ilan Bareket for the last 7 years with many successes in Israel and abroad. They now play together on the Israeli Open Team. Assaf is known as the “King of Leads” – so be sure he will find the killing lead if there is one.

Outside the bridge world, Assaf enjoys playing golf and surfing in exotic locations around the world. He is married with 3 children and he owns and runs the largest bridge club in Tel Aviv and in Israel.