2019 – Crockfords

The team, mostly based in Cambridge, was put together by the England international Chris Jagger, who, in the style of Blake’s 7, is seldom seen with them. The players this weekend are:

Paul Barden: mostly gave up bridge while working as a quant in the City, but has now mostly given up work. Has used his management experience to captain England junior under-16 and under-26 teams, while utterly failing to manage his partners.

Jonathan Cooke: formerly to be found making a living at the poker table, now a management consultant. He compensates for all this flair by studying bidding theory, and has coached several English junior teams.

Jonathan Mestel: professor of mathematics, and Grandmaster chess player and chess problem solver (see wikipedia). He compensates for all this erudition by bidding a lot.

Ian Pagan: the team professional, also renowned for his prowess at squash. At the table, his steady tempo is attributable to trying to remember who his partner is this week.

Julian Wightwick: a provincial amateur who learnt some bridge at the universities of Cambridge and Canberra. He tries to follow suit.