2022 – Gillis

(L-R) Fredrik Helness, Peter Crouch, Erik Berg, Espen Erichsen, Odin Svendsen (Sadly Simon Gillis was unable to play this year.)

Erik Berg is a 38 year old Norwegian. He has a degree in food technology and works in a laboratory at a dairy. He has won four Norwegian championships and one Norwegian Premier League. He has represented Norway in the European Championships once for the Open team and multiple times as a junior.

Peter Crouch is a Chartered Accountant who spends his time juggling work for his clients, helping to look after his two children with his wife Sara and trying to get out to the Golf Course. His bridge successes include six Gold Cup (most recently in 2015), two Spring Fours and two Premier League wins as well as representing England in a number of Camrose matches. He represented England in the European Championships and World Mind Sport Games in 2012. See Peter’s EBU profile.

Espen Erichsen’s roll of honour includes: 1996 European Junior Championship (Gold); 1997 World Junior Championship (Silver); 2005 European Mixed Teams (Gold); 2009 Nordic Championship (Gold). Espen has represented England in the Camrose three times (he does, after all, live in Tunbridge Wells) and has won the Premier league twice (having won its Norwegian equivalent three times). He has also won the Lederer twice. Espen and Thor-Erik Hoftaniska won the Open Pairs at the 2019 Reykjavik Bridge Festival. See Espen’s EBU profile.

Simon Gillis is an Investment Manager, and sits on the finance committee of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. He has a wife, two children, lots of wine and no dog. He has two Gold Cup wins on his bridge CV (2016 and 2010) and has reached the semi-finals on other occasions including 2015. His team won the BAM at the World Championships in Lyon in August 2017. His impressive record also includes winning the Iceland Open twice, the Brighton teams and Deauville. He won the 2021 Shapiro Spring Fours with a team featuring Brogeland and Saelensminde.  See Simon’s EBU profile.

Fredrik Helness has twice won prestigious Marit Sveaas Pairs, twice finished 4th in the Reisinger and twice 2nd the VilniusCup. (Looks like 2 is the magic number!)

In his native Norway he won all 3 events he entered in 2021 Norwegian Bridge Festival: Teams, Mixed Teams, Mixed Pairs. In England he is a current Spring Fours Champion and playing with Simon Gillis and Odin Svenden he won the Easter teams last year.

Odin Svendsen has regularly competed for Norway in bridge and is also a World top 20 backgammon player, fine chess and scrabble player.

His favourite book is The Idiot by Dostoevsky , film The Idiots by von Trier and album The Idiot by Iggy Pop.  This should not be seen as a reflection on his mature, positive personality