2023 – Hinden

Frances Hinden started playing bridge seriously at Cambridge University where she won the Portland Bowl three times, the Junior Camrose once and gained a silver medal in the first European Universities Championship. Far more importantly she also met Jeffrey Allerton, who first convinced her to play a strong NT, then to play attitude leads, and finally – a few years later – to marry him. Since then she has won various titles, including the Camrose, Gold Cup and the Spring Foursomes twice each. She played with Graham in the Open team for the Mind Sports games in Wroclaw in 2016 and often plays with him in international mixed teams events. Frances also chairs Appeals Committees regularly and spent many years as a member of the EBU Laws & Ethics Committee.

Frances keeps busy during the week running an asset management company, investing the assets of the pension funds for one of the UK’s largest companies.
See Frances’s (out of date) EBU profile

Chris Jagger has worked his way through several careers such as Maths lecturer and Chartered Accountant, and is currently leading history tours in Cambridge, where he lives with his bridge-playing wife and 11 year-old son (currently more interested in Lego than bridge). This Lederer appearance follows his second win in the Spring Foursomes, a particularly special win with his long-time partner Jeffrey Allerton, who cannot be with them for the Lederer. Prior to this they reached the quarter finals of the Bermuda Bowl in Wuhan shortly before the Covid outbreak there. See Chris’s EBU profile

A long-time Surrey resident, Graham Osborne retired from a career in banking at a relatively early age and now enjoys his retirement with the occasional professional bridge engagement. He has achieved many successes in English bridge playing with Frances Hinden or Tony Forrester. National trophies include winning Crockfords once, the Gold Cup and the Four Stars teams at Brighton twice, the Spring Foursomes and the Premier League three times each, and the Hubert Phillips Bowl four times. Playing for the England Open Team he has won the Camrose three times. International successes include two bronze medals in the European Mixed Teams, reaching the semi-finals of the first world mixed teams event in Wuhan and getting to the quarter-finals of the Olympiad playing for the Open team in 2016. See Graham’s EBU profile

Sandra Penfold is originally from Paignton in South Devon. She married a Yorkshireman and moved North permanently. She was a late starter to bridge and only began learning and playing after leaving teaching to start a family. Along with her husband, she owns and runs a successful market research company based in Wetherby.

Sandra first represented England partnering Rita Oldroyd in the 1982 Lady Milne Trophy, and has since done so on numerous occasions in the Lady Milne and also Great Britain and, latterly, England, in European and World Championships. She has two silver medals and one bronze at European level, and partnered Nevena Senior to a Venice Cup silver medal in 2017.

Sandra has won the Crockfords Cup, Spring Foursomes, Teltscher and Lady Milne Trophy trials, and second division of the Premier League, along with many other events in a long and successful bridge career. She has also twice reached the final of the Gold Cup, most recently in 2022. See Sandra’s EBU profile

Brian Senior, a Yorkshireman, has for a long time been a full-time bridge professional, currently doing a little teaching but mostly playing and writing about the game. For many years he was the editor and a major writer for the official world championship book series, and is currently one of the writers of the Daily Telegraph bridge column.

He has represented Northern Ireland and all-Ireland, England and Great Britain, internationally, and has won most of the major English championships, as well as events on every continent except Antarctica. He enjoys travelling to foreign tournaments so, if you need a partner, just make him an offer he can’t refuse.
Brian is married to two-time world champion, Nevena, and they have one daughter, Katya, plus Nevena’s son, Kiril, from a previous marriage. Like any other self-respecting Yorkshireman, Brian’s other great love is cricket. See Brian’s EBU profile