2023 – London

London: (l-r) Stefano Tommasini, Kevin Castner, Ben Norton, Phil King
London: (l-r) Stefano Tommasini, Kevin Castner, Ben Norton, Phil King

Kevin Castner hails from the San Francisco area, but is delighted now to call both the UK and Germany his part time homes (since he doesn’t have one anymore). After over 30 years at a boring desk job, he restarted playing tournament bridge at the Summer Congress in Brighton in 2014 and has enjoyed middling success, and failure, since then. Kevin has never represented any country (at anything, if we’re honest) and his chances (thanks a little to the EBL/WBF) aren’t improving.

He enjoys hiking, biking, tennis and creating custom treasure hunts (London, Paris, San Francisco).

He is happily married to Anja, who happily doesn’t play bridge at all. He has two children and two granddaughters back in the USofA. None of them play bridge, and all of them think he’s nuts for spending so much time doing so, though they don’t seem to begrudge the fact that he’s frittering away their inheritances.

Phil King lives in Harrow-on-the-Hill with his wife Su. He is a full time bridge player and coach and has won all the major domestic competitions, including four Gold Cups. Successes further from home include a Silver medal in the 2016 Winter Games and a Bronze in the 2018 Champions Cup. As well as being coach to three Gold medal winning bridge teams, Phil is patiently waiting for the WBF to hand over the Gold medal for the 2008 Olympiad, where he was captain of the current Open Silver medalists.

Ben Norton, 25, is a professional player and writer who spends far too much time on the game, not that you’d know it from his standard. Suitably, he has recently assembled some of his most egregious cardplay errors into book-form, soon to be published.

Stefano Tommasini is originally from Brazil but now lives in London. He and Ben Green represented England in the European Championships in 2022.