A swingy hand from Match 3

One of the swingier boards in Match 3 was hand 29. The field split evenly between those who got to slam and those who stopped in game. Of the 5 who who reached slam 3 declarers made it: Andrew Robson, Boye Brogeland and David Bakhshi. 

As one of Robson’s BBO commentators said, it’s not just about playing spades first from the west hand, but also about deciding whether restricted choice (assuming the jack of spades is a singleton when it pops up) provides the best odds.

Anyhow from different sides these two declarers prevailed for a nice pick-up for their side.

Robson declaring

Brogeland declaring

Bakhshi wasn’t on Vugraph for the hand but got a diamond lead and picked up the spade suit playing towards the King first.

Thanks to Sarah Bell for her awesome Vugraph operating and for pointing out this hand.