2015 – Some of the players

2015 – Some of the workers and lurkers

2015 – Lederer scoring

The Lederer scoring is interesting. It’s similar to that used in the Pachabo event held in England and the qualifiers for same.

Matches are scored using a combination of IMPS and Point a Board methods. The results are separately converted into Victory Points (VPs).

Every board gets scored along the usual IMPS scale used for teams. All the IMPs are added up. Some of the VPs are allocated for the number of IMPS a team wins by (15/15 for a draw up to 30/0 for a win of 45+ IMPs over 9 boards).

Then every board is scored again using an alternative method called Point a Board. The rest of the VPs are allocated using these scores. For each board a team gets 1 VP for a draw and 2 VPs for a win (18 in total for 9 boards).

Thus there are a total of 48 VPs for a match – 30 from the IMPs scoring and 18 from the Point a Board – to be shared between the two teams.

So players need to bid and make their games and be mindful of overtricks and undertricks. Very fiendish.

The PDF here gives more detail: 2015 Display – Scoring

2015 – Volunteering to help at the Lederer

We are looking for volunteers to help at the event especially on Saturday 28 Feb. This would not be for anything complicated. You would sit at one of the tables and recording the bidding and the cards played to the first few tricks. (The results are then used by our hand analysts to award prizes for best bid/declared/defended hands at the end of the event.)

If you would be able to help for a couple of matches then please email lederertrophy@gmail.com

2015 – Watching the play

The Lederer is a great opportunity to watch some top-class bridge. There are two main ways to watch:

In person

If people are in London on 28 February or 1 March and want to kib in person then please come along. You can choose which table you watch if there are players you’re particularly interested in. There will also be a room where a panel of experts discusses the Vugraph matches and answers questions about the bidding and play.

There is a small charge (£10 for one day, £15 for both) for attending in person and you will need to book ahead. If you’re interested email lederertrophy@gmail.com

Some of the matches will be broadcast live on BBO’s Vugraph which is free to watch. We won’t be showing everything but we will make sure you see some good stuff.

2015 – The teams

This year’s Lederer will be held at the RAC in central London. The following teams will be playing:

The Holders: Bernard Teltscher, Victor Silverstone, Phil King, Stelio Di Bello, Willie Coyle, with President’s team regular John Matheson replacing Tom Townsend this time. (NPC Kitty Teltscher)

England Open: Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Gold and David Bakhshi – a formidable team who will be representing England in the Bermuda Bowl later this year.

England Women: Sally Brock, Nicola Smith, Heather Dhondy and Catherine Draper, four members of the England gold-medal winning team at the World Mind Games in Beijing in 2014, with two of Scotland’s finest – Liz McGowan and Sam Punch.

England Seniors: Paul Hackett, David Mossop, Gunnar Hallberg, John Holland, Colin Simpson and David Price – European Senior gold-medallists.

Zia and Friends: Zia Mahmood, Roy Welland, Sabine Auken and Denis Bilde – four international superstars.

De Botton: Janet de Botton, Artur Malinowski, Nick Sandqvist, Tom Townsend, Thor Erik Hoftaniska and Dror Padon – this team has won just about every major English competition and quite a few international ones as well.

Gillis: Simon Gillis is bringing along a team of Norwegian stars: Boye Brogeland, Espen Erichsen and Espen Lindqvist.

Gold Cup: Stefan Skorchev, Borislav Popov, Cameron Small and Jonathan Cooke.

Ireland: Mark Moran, Tom Hanlon, Tommy Garvey, John Carroll and Rory Boland – the ever-popular and highly successful Irish squad. (NPC Gráinne  Barton)

London: Gary Jones, Ed Scerri, Ray Robinson, Jerry Harouni and Richard Bowdery.