Some Lucky Experiments

Barry Myers misses some of the exuberance of his younger bridge self – he takes it all more seriously these days and is less inclined to try something and see what happens. But his experimentation on a couple of boards worked well in Match 7 playing against two top class players in an unfamiliar partnership.

The first was the very swingy board 3. At Barry’s table his partner Sally Brock opened a trash multi 2D. In the resulting uncertainty the opps were talked out of their slam.

2D* – (P) – P – (X)
P – (P) – 3C – (3H)
P – (4C*) – P – (4H)
All pass

On board 6 Barry chose to bid 3H (weak) rather than show a good raise when Sally overcalled 1H. He later doubled the final 3NT contract which went one more off than it might when declarer put him with somewhat fewer high cards than he had.

There’s a bit of selection bias here – Barry’s passing a 12 count in third yesterday didn’t end so well…