2015 England Open win the Lederer!

England Open widen their lead to win the 2015 Lederer. Well done to them, to the runners-up de Botton and thanks to all who played.

England Open have increased the lead a bit but can still be caught by de Botton. As luck would have it they’re playing in the last match!

It’s still England Open and de Botton in first and second with just 8 VPs separating them now. (The gap to Ireland in third is over 30 VPs.)

A good win in match 6 sees England Open take an 11 VP lead over de Botton.

Just 1 VP in it now with de Botton still just ahead after match 5. All to play for tomorrow.

De Botton still ahead after match 4 and increase their lead over England Open by a whopping 1 VP! So neck and neck really…

4 VPs between de Botton and England Open after match 3

Scores after match 2: 2 VPs separate Gillis – de Botton – England Open

One match in Team de Botton are in the lead

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