2015 – The teams

This year’s Lederer will be held at the RAC in central London. The following teams will be playing:

The Holders: Bernard Teltscher, Victor Silverstone, Phil King, Stelio Di Bello, Willie Coyle, with President’s team regular John Matheson replacing Tom Townsend this time. (NPC Kitty Teltscher)

England Open: Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Gold and David Bakhshi – a formidable team who will be representing England in the Bermuda Bowl later this year.

England Women: Sally Brock, Nicola Smith, Heather Dhondy and Catherine Draper, four members of the England gold-medal winning team at the World Mind Games in Beijing in 2014, with two of Scotland’s finest – Liz McGowan and Sam Punch.

England Seniors: Paul Hackett, David Mossop, Gunnar Hallberg, John Holland, Colin Simpson and David Price – European Senior gold-medallists.

Zia and Friends: Zia Mahmood, Roy Welland, Sabine Auken and Denis Bilde – four international superstars.

De Botton: Janet de Botton, Artur Malinowski, Nick Sandqvist, Tom Townsend, Thor Erik Hoftaniska and Dror Padon – this team has won just about every major English competition and quite a few international ones as well.

Gillis: Simon Gillis is bringing along a team of Norwegian stars: Boye Brogeland, Espen Erichsen and Espen Lindqvist.

Gold Cup: Stefan Skorchev, Borislav Popov, Cameron Small and Jonathan Cooke.

Ireland: Mark Moran, Tom Hanlon, Tommy Garvey, John Carroll and Rory Boland – the ever-popular and highly successful Irish squad. (NPC Gráinne  Barton)

London: Gary Jones, Ed Scerri, Ray Robinson, Jerry Harouni and Richard Bowdery.

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