England Open in front after 7

England Open take over from the Chairman’s team after the last match.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 15.25.04

Boland still leading the Butlers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 15.27.45

Image shows England Open v Zia and Friends. Clockwise from left: Tony Forrester, Zia, David Bakhshi and Dennis Bilde.

2 thoughts on “England Open in front after 7”

  1. In the match between CC and England Open, currently being played, board 14 on Vugraph shows Robson making 3NT and gaining 11 IMPs. If the play on Vugraph is correctly recorded, then he went one down, and he reached a position where no legal order of cards could allow him to make, so it would be corrected within the correction period. It is possible, of course, that the play record on Vugraph is wrong, but to make, Robson would have had to duck the KS switch at trick four, unblocking the J or 10 from hand. If he did this, then a candidate for the best-played hand appears. If not, then the score should be corrected, and Dyke and Byrne should be informed. I presume I am just reporting that Queen Anne is dead, but Vugraph still shows 3NT=


    1. According to the scores from the Bridgemates on board 14 3N was made by E/W at one table while 3H by N/S went 2 down at the other. Both hands played by England Open. The cards played might not have been quite right on BBO but the results matched…


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