An interesting hand from match 4

This one was fun – the auction and the play. I happened to be watching at the only table where 6D was bid and made.


East (Barry Myers) passes
South (Boye Brogeland) opens 1D which is at least 4.
West (Sally Brock) overcalls 2C.
North (Espen Lindqvist) doubles

The auction proceeds:
Pass – 2D – X – 3C
4C – 4D – Pass – 5C
Pass – 6D – All pass

(Barry was tickled by the auction – everyone’s bidding, it ends up in a slam but only two suits have been mentioned.)

Sally leads the King of clubs. Boye decides he can cope with one or other of diamonds or spades breaking badly but not both. He’s pretty sure the heart King is onside for Sally’s double.

He ruffs small, plays back to the Ace of spades, leads a diamond to dummy’s Queen and ruffs a small spade back to hand. (He doesn’t want to play the King and another spade in case Sally overruffs on the third round.) He plays Ace of diamonds and then the King. The 4-1 diamond break means he now needs the spades 3-3. Back to dummy with a heart finesse, King of spades pitching a club and then another spade which Barry has to ruff (in case Boye has four clubs). Boye pitches his last club, ruffs the club Barry tries now and heads back to dummy and the good spades.


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